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Interior hard floor cleaning
Natural stone and tile and grout cleaning

Are your natural stone or tiled floors looking dirty, tired or worn out ?
You may have tried to clean your floors yourself and have been disappointed with the results and now feel that you have no alternative but to renew them.

A bit drastic and probably very expensive !

Contact the team at Stoneclenz  and we should have the answer for you.

All floors lose their original lustre over a period of time. The years of foot traffic can fade what should be the centrepiece of your room.

Stoneclenz's   specialised equipment removes the dirt, grime and bacteria which defaces your flooring, leaving your floors clean and safe.

Once cleaned we can seal, or hone and polish your floor to a beautiful shine.

Why should my stone, tile and grout be sealed ?

We advise most of our customers to have a sealant applied after cleaning or renovation.  Properly sealed surfaces will last longer, resist stains, be less slippery, and be easier to clean and maintain. You can choose either a matt, silk or enhanced finish

Honing and polishing

Once cleaned we can hone your floor to remove scratches, stains and to give a more uniform appearance.  In some cases honing is all that is needed to get your stone  looking  great again.

 In addition we can polish your floors to bring back the shine.  For both honing and polishing we use Klindex machines  and  industrial diamonds.
  1. Edging tool
    Tight spaces? Not a problem! Stoneclenz have all the right machines to make sure that every inch of your floor is restored
  2. Hard floor cleaning
    Travertine floor restoration
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